Ben Aigan

Ben Aigan was the challenge for today. We parked at the car park with half a dozen mountain bikers and then set off past the tree felling and up the the top.
:: It didn't seem that bad to start with.
:: We saw these bright coloured fir cones which looked like raspberries. They start off red, grow upwards, turn brown and into fir cones and then hang down!!

Unfortunately by the time we got to the aerial the rain was coming in so we didn't make it to the top. I remembered reading the Moray Ranger leaflet last year about it only being 1.5 miles from the aerial to the summit. That's fine until you add the trek up to the aerial into the equation!!! By the time we got there we were pooped. No wonder the rangers give you a lift most of the way!
:: The view from the top.
:: The rain coming in!!
We decided to take the Monster Trail downward and followed the mountain bikers. It's not too bad walking but it must be pretty fast going down on a bike. When we got the the bottom we thought we'd go left as that seemed to be heading downwards. How wrong can you be? We ended up miles away on the Speyside Way. By this time we were tired and Samuel was getting upset as he thought we were lost!
Lost? No! We know where the car is.................. it's just 3.5miles over that blooming big hill. We ended up having to get a lift back to the car as by this time we'd been walking for 3 hours and enough was enough!!!!!

As you can see on this map, we parked over by the big P, walked up to Knock More (the big cycle loop), went down the cycle trail and ended up over the other side on the route marked with a red diamond, past Bridgeton Farm and ended up at Boat of Brig. We reckon we must have walked a good 8 miles or so. It felt like a lot feet are killing me :)

Next week it's a leisurely stroll while Samuel is kayaking!!!


  1. I feel tired just reading about it!

  2. Seem to remember that walk was cancelled one year because of bad weather. Maybe it was for the best as I was supposed to do the walk!!!!! Spirit is willing but.....

  3. We did Easy Peasy Ben Aigen a few years ago - a far more civilised way to get to the top. We rang 202 Sqn from the summit and got a fly past too!! Andy has done the Knockmore Bash - riders and bikes get shuttled to the top so they can come down at breakneck speed - only to go back to the top and do it all over again.

    Hope your feet are soaking.

  4. Ooh looks a super place too visit. Take care of your feet.xx

  5. I've been dreaming of hiking... taking a trip in July to hike in Colorado, but will hopefully be taking a day trip north of the city over memorial day for some ny hiking... Your hike looks so wonderful, especially your shot from the top!


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