3 May 2009

Chilled Out

Another chilled out day today. A late breakfast followed by a trip to Linn Falls in Aberlour. It's a lovely little walk down the side of the distillery (where you could smell the mash today) and up to the waterfall.
Not very big but then there was only the 3 of us there so we had plenty of room to take pictures and throw large pieces of wood into the water!! What else do boys do?
A rare shot of me as today John was in charge of the camera.
Back home for some lunch and then off to deliver the tripe!!!!! When the boys got back we decided to go fishing again so off we went again. This time, as it was chilly, I took my crochet and sat in the lovely warm car and made hexagons while the boys tried hard to catch something.
Not so much as a nibble today so it was back home for tea and a warm. For once they were cold and I was toasty :)
Tomorrow is another challenge (depending on weather).

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