Flower cushion

After reading Lucy blog over at Attic 24 I had to show you my finished flowery cushion cover. I've still got to make the back out of an old jumper but my sewing machine has died and it needs fixing before I can attempt that!!! I'm really pleased with how it has turned out even though the flowers got a bit monotonous towards the end!!

Here it is with it's cushion buddies.

And here's one of those annoying flowers.


  1. Looks like a lovely selection of cushions you have there. I think they look super.
    Great photo shot of the drill.
    Sending text.

  2. Gorgeous (even the flowers!), I love the colours you've used....thanks for sharing :o)

  3. It's really beautiful. I can see you trying to teach me when we next see each other!

  4. looking good Liz I have just joined a bag crochet along on ravelry whcih looks pretty good

  5. All your cushions look great :) Why not just crochet a plain rectangle for the back and then crochet your 2 pieces together?

  6. Hello again Liz
    I know I've already commented here once already but had to just pop back and say WOW iv'e had a look through all your crochet posts and am loving it ALL!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and for your frequent comment and visits to the ATtic, its always pleasure to have you drop by.
    Love to you#

  7. Your crochet is divine. Aren't you glad they are not edible.


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