10 May 2009

Kayaking the Spey

Yesterday Samuel went down to the river Spey at Knockando with his friends from Keith Swimming Club. They are going to be kayaking once a month until about October. Last year they went to a man made Loch at Loch Park where the water was quite smooth. This time, as they are now old hands, they are out on the river. As well as having to navigate the rapids by themselves they also had to learn how to float downstream in the water!! They must have been mad as it was freezing.
As usual the instructors made them stand up in the boat to practice balance and of course they had to see just how many they could get into one boat!!!
They eventually managed to get 6 in before it sank :)
This is the stretch of river they are using at the moment. After another go on this stretch they will kayak down stream a few miles and we will have to collect them from the next village. not worrying at all!!!!!!!!!
If all goes well they might get a go at gorge walking although I'm not entirely sure what that is. We'll have to wait and see.


  1. looks like he had a fab time and what a beautiful place

  2. He's much braver than me! Lovely photos.