Busy, busy, busy

We have been soooo busy here this weekend with one thing and another.

:: John decided he wanted to move the shed in the garden so he's been busy laying new slabs ready for the big move next weekend. The garden looks huge at the moment.

:: Samuel helped his Dad with the slabs and then had his pal round today.

:: I had a mad cleaning day yesterday and blitzed the kitchen, did the bedrooms and tackled the ironing. Then today I made chocolate chip muffins and scones and I've done some of my pink crocheted cushion.
:: The porch has had a tidy out too ready for my chairs (once I've been and looked for some!!!) so hopefully we'll be tidy when our visitors get here in the summer holidays.

:: In between all this madness we took Moss to the Spey for a bath!! It was gorgeous down there and really hot. Apart from Samuel and his pal getting lost!! it was a lovely walk.
I also took a couple of pictures of the fountain in the Square as this year it has water in it!!!!!


  1. Certainly was a busy weekend! Great photo shots, fountain must look so different with water in it!

    Can you let me know if/when you have dates for visit as I have a wedding booked and some other stuff with my name on.

  2. a very busy weekend looks like you added sone fun in there too love that cushion


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