13 June 2009

Fabric Hearts

I saw some fabric hearts on this blog....Its a Creative World.....and thought I'd give them a go. I bought the 3" x 3" fabric squares from e-bay and drew a heart onto card stock to use as a template. I originally sewed them inside out but they didn't look right once turned the right way round so I used embroidery thread on the outside in a contrasting colour. Once stuffed with kapok I sewed a button on the front and then joined them together with ribbon and buttons.

I chose vintage fabric but next time I might get something more funky!!
They now have pride of place outside my craft room above the door.

I love them and have to make more!!!!!!


  1. They look fabulous! I might have to place an order!!

  2. Those are wonderful! They would look so great hanging across an antique bed headboard!!

  3. I'd seen these too they lok fab liz

  4. They look fab - I have a kit somewhere I bought years ago to make something similar.