Fantastic Weekend

What a brilliant time I had this weekend. It was well worth the hassle of trying to get a day off and having to fly to terminal 5 at Heathrow.
I met friends from last year and made new ones this year. GoGo the Northern Girlies. I painted, embossed and of course I flocked!! I did 3 great classes and one brilliant workshop, chatted, laughed and ate too much. And all in the name of paper crafting. What more could you want from a weekend.
I've had to "borrow" these photos from Ruth as I didn't take my camera!! I know shock horror, I didn't take a single picture.While I was there I met up with Val who was one of the original Scrapdragons over on UKS. She popped over for a chat, a coffee and a few piccies. Thank heavens for a picnic table and a purse to get the self timer going.
Here we are even if we were a little chilly!! Ruth, Yvonne, Jo, Me and Val.
And of course I met up with Mandi :). Mandi who had a passion for napkins! a very large........hat and of course her great sense of humour. Here we are having a bit of a giggle at both trying to get under the hat.
I'm so miffed that I can't make the next two weekends in October and March but I have my fingers crossed for an "Ooop North" weekend next July.


  1. so glad you had a good time it was so cool to meet you

  2. Pleased that you had a good time.


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