HSMSHS - Catch Up

Centre - The middle point of an object. Show us the Centre of your space today. The centre of the yellow flags that are blooming round by the pond at the moment.

Sunglasses - Glasses that are tinted to protect the eyes from the sun. Show us some sunglasses in your space today. A very old pair of sunglasses that John got given when he first went to Kuwait in 1991!!!!
Contempory - Belong to or occurring in the present. Show us something contemporary in your space today. This is the wall art in our new bathroom. John wanted a boat but I got these as I thought they looked like sails.


  1. All lovely but the flower shot is exceptionally lovely.

  2. Great catch-up. Love the centre pic!!

  3. that wall art is fab very contempory

  4. Flower shot is quite amazing! Love the wall art and aren't those glasses soooooo cool!!:)


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