16 June 2009

Jury Service

Well I didn't get picked for today but never mind it was really interesting to see how the system works.

We had to be there for 10.30 ( I got there at 9.30 as I had to drop the car in for it's MOT) and once we were all checked off we had to go into the court room and sit on the public benches. They obviously don't encourage the public to go as the spaces were so narrow it was difficult to get along them. They then go through the routine for the day and what to expect. Then the accused comes in and sits in the dock followed by the "All Rise" and the judge's arrival. All the names of the prospective jurors are folded in put in what can only be described as a large goldfish bowl. The clerk of the court then pulls out 15 names to be the jury. They go and sit on the jury bench, the judge goes out, the jury goes out, 15 minutes pass, the judge comes back, the jury comes back and the rest of us are dismissed!!!!! All very bizarre but interesting at the same time. I was sat with my fingers crossed hoping not to get picked on the one hand and then hoping to get picked to see what happened next on the other hand!!

I was back at work (via M&S for lunch) by 12.00.

I'll have to read the paper on Friday to see if says anything about the case.