17 June 2009

Scrapbook Trends

My first copy of Scrapbook Trends arrived today along with my GoGo kit (which is Lush). It is so nice to finally read something scrapbooky that doesn't revolve around the same people and their inflated egos!!!!! Off my soapbox now :)
There are some brilliant LOs in there just waiting to be scrap lifted and hopefully I'll get round to that this weekend. I have about 5 weeks of SLYMI to catch up with.
I thought I'd take the picture of the magazine stood next to the new jar cover I made on Monday while watching Everest ER (which is a fab programme narrated by David
Tennant!!). Well why not?


  1. fab jam jar cover Liz instant crochetfacation!!! the squres from yesterday on my blog are all free patterns on ravelry

  2. Both look very interesting. Hope that you get time to enjoy the new magazine, is it from across the pond?