Ferry Cross the Mersey....................

I think everyone has heard that song at some point.......!!

It stopped raining long enough today to pop over to Liverpool on the ferry. It was the law in our house as kids, that you had to go on the ferry in the summer holidays!! It's the first time Samuel can remember going on it and luckily it was dry enough to sit outside
While we were on the Liverpool side Mum pointed out the church where my Great, Great Grandparents got married back in the early 1900s. It's Our Lady and St Nicholas Church and is such a lovely looking building. Unfortunately you can see the monstrosities that have gone up over the years in the name of development. One of which is completely empty!! The only part left of the original church is the tower as the main body of it was bombed during the war.
It has a lovley little garden where lots of people were having lunch and it was nice to see how quiet it was especially as the pier head and a busy road are close by. We got back to Seacombe just in time for the heavens to open but luckily we dodged the rain all the way home.