A little hooky present

I've finally finished (and packed) this cushion for my Mum. It started life as a bag but I got bored making it so, with a little help from a library book of crochet flowers, I turned it into a cushion.
I loved making the circle, but for a bag it was a little on the small side, so I started to make a long rectangle of singe crochet to fold over and make into the bag bit.
Single crochet, in cream is very dull so after only doing a couple of inches I added some doubles round the edge and finished off with a row of my favourite, shell stitch.
The flowers were really easy to make as the instructions were really clear and I managed to make them all in one night while watching the TV.
I've backed it with some fleece and now it's waiting to start it's journey south to Mum's rocking chair.

Now that it's finished I'll have to start something else. Oh dear more wool needed!!!!!


  1. That's great!!! Much better than a bag!!

  2. that is just so cool Liz who would think you have been crocheting for such a short time

  3. I hope it's not meant to be a surprise! It's gorgous, can I be the next recipient of your hooky magic, please?

  4. its gorgeous Liz, and I love the colours too, hope your mum likes it,wish i had a rocking chair, imagine sat gently rocking, whilst crocheting and drinking tea, bliss!! xx


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