Summer Swing at Kew

On Wednesday evening, after our trip to Big Ben etc, Ruth and I went to Summer Swing at Kew gardens. It was my Birthday present from Ruth and Andrew and it was fab as it was Bjorn Again and the Jive Talkin' Bee Gees. Now I've never been to a picnic in the park concert before and was amazed at what some people take with them. From plastic plates (or none in our case) to best china and champagne flutes!!! There were picnic blankets and chairs as far as the eye could see. It was a fabulous night and even the rain couldn't stop us singing along to all the old ABBA tunes. It was all rounded off with a firework display. All that and the bus home by 11pm!! Am I beginning to show my age?? The first two pictures I "borrowed" from the web site and the others I took so you can see how far back we were. The stage shot was taken with my big lens!!

I'm really pleased with how the fireworks came out.


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