War Grave Hunting

As we're volunteers for TWGPP, The War Graves Photographic Project, Samuel and I made the most of the dry weather today and went to Rothes to hunt down some more war graves.
Believe it or not we only had 7 to find but 2 still managed to elude us!!!
Some are easy to find as they are official war grave headstones
but others are on family headstones which mean reading them all!!!!
The old graves in the cemetery are all black due to the vapour that is given off by the nearby distillery. If my missing 2 are down there it will be difficult to find them!!!


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  2. Great to see DN involved.

  3. War graves normally have the standard CWGC headstone, however in a lot of cases in the UK a private headstone was used. The grave is still considered a war grave and cared for by the CWGC. This may explain why it was difficult to locate the remanining two graves.



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