2 August 2009

Saturday wanderings

This morning saw us take a trip to the Playbarn in Lhanbryde. It's a HUGE padded, indoor play area for kids up to 13. Samuel volunteered to go in with Harry who was decidedly uninterested in the whole thing and spent most of his time with the padded blocks. Samuel found a friend and had a great time running about.
I have to honestly say that 2 1/2 year olds are hard work especially when they don't want to do what you want!! We decided our trip was over after Harry launched a teapot off the table!!The afternoon was gorgeous so we got the bubble machine out for Harry It's a great bit of kit that blows hundreds of bubbles at once so the garden was full of them in no time and poor Moss had to go indoors!!! Wussy dog :) Just look at that sky.
(if you click on the picture you get a better look at all the bubbles.)

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