12 September 2009

Another sunny day

Today was another kayaking day. This time they did twice the distance, starting off at Ballindalloch and ending up at Knockando. Samuel had a great time, as usual, and can't believe there's only one more kayaking week left this session

While he was busy on the river, for and hour or so, John and I sloped off down into Aberlour and had lunch in the pub!! (Well why not when you have no kids in tow?) After lunch we took the dog for a walk/bath along the river Spey.
Walking along the river you come to this lovely bridge. It's one of those that will bounce as you walk over it so...............................being the big kid I am I waited for a couple to finish taking their photos and walked to the middle and bounced!!!!!! Well I had to. It would be rude not too!!

The views today were stunning. These shots were taken from the middle of the bridge (once I'd stopped bouncing) and you can just make out a few anglers (who don't like kayakersbut that's their problem not ours).

It's hard to believe looking at these pictures that just last week the water was so high it flooded. The water last week was brown and disgusting. This week it's back to being crystal clear. What a difference a week makes.


  1. Sounds as though everyone had a good day! Great photos.

  2. Can't wait to have all this on our doorstep!

  3. Gee, is there a nearby Bed and Breakfast that I can stay w/my family and visit you all?
    We love kayaking, rafting, canoeing, all paddle sports.

  4. What a wonderful day outdoors! I wouldn't want it to end!
    Hugs and Glitter,

  5. Wow Liz, I can't imagine that lovely water being brown and ugly. Your photos are so well done. I think I would bounce too. Your son looks happy on the water in his kayak. a fun sport. Have a great day.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. beautiful hoe the lunch was good

  7. Still visiting for PS and am glad that I got to see this post too. We tried this for the first time this year and really enjoyed it!

    If you have the time, please stop by The Old Parsonage...I love company!