Autumn is coming

It was obvious, on our walk yesterday, that Autumn is upon us. It's my favourite season. I love the changing colours and getting wrapped up for walks (before it gets really cold).

This isn't an Autumn shot but it was my favourite pic of the day. The boat was a bit worse for wear and full of water.

I spotted these lovely flowers on our way along the river. They seem to be everywhere and in varying shade of pink. I have no idea what they are but they look a bit like a small Orchid.

Pale pink (almost white) and dark pink. Anyone got any ideas what they might be?
John is amazing to go for a walk with as he finds the smallest of things all over the place. While I was busy looking where to put my feet he spotted these two little guys on a dead Dog Weed. "Get in there and take a photo" says he!! Alright for some, he's not the one scrambling through the undergrowth to get a photo!
We found some late berries and in true Terry Wogan fashion didn't pick any below waist height LOL :)
Plenty of Rose hips to go around and while John was thinking Rose Hip wine, Samuel was thinking Itchy Powder. Apparently if you squeeze the hips when they've dried up a bit they have a powdery middle which if you get on your skin will make it itch!! I learnt something new yesterday....from a 12 year old!!
And finally the changing colours of Autumn. Aren't they beautiful?


  1. Stunning photos and flowers definately belong to the orchid family (in my humble opinion!).

  2. Yes beautiful fall colours. Sleep well

  3. love that boat shot Liz very nice and your pink elephant is so cool think it would sell well

  4. Great photos. Autumn is a super colourful time.


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