Look what just arrived!!

These gorgeous flowers arrived just a minute ago from
John. I told him not to do anything for our Anniversary as we were out on Saturday night and we're supposed to be saving to go on holiday next summer. Obviously he never listens to anything I say!!

Aren't they stunning? Yellow roses (my favourite) and perfect purple Gladioli


  1. That is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And it still is so sweet he gave it to you. I am sure he loves you very much.
    Enjoy and have a nice evening

  2. Isn't it good when sometimes he doesn't listen to you!!!!!
    The colours are beautiful.

  3. They're beautiful and be glad that J ignored you!

  4. Those are stunning and Good for your husband for Not Listening this time, very wise.

  5. They are gorgeous. You've got a keeper in your hubby!


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