New front door

How excited can you get over a new front door? Me? Very excited. We've been waiting for 3 months for Derek to come and replace the old one and guess what? He's coming on Monday to fit the new one. Now my only problem is what colour to paint it!!!

We will lose the glass panel at the top that has the house name on it but I'm hoping to get a slate name plate for outside the door.


  1. Oh it is ashame to be losing the glass name plate above the door, as it is so beautiful, but I can hardly wait to see what you are replacing it with. I will be painting my doors green. In the fall months ahead we are going to paint our house, and we are painting a very pale,pale yellow with dark green trim. I can hardly wait to see what it is going to look like. Please send me pics when you get the new door, or at least post it. I am excited for you. Have a great day sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. This is a nice colour but I also like a darker blue.

  3. Shame to lose the glass panel; could it be saved and recycled for something 'arty'?


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