20 September 2009

Weekend news

It's been a weekend of real ups and downs. The downs are that a friend of ours was taken into hospital after having a heart attack and is still in hospital in Aberdeen. As yet we have no other news. Also another friend ended up in hospital with anaphalactic shock from a bee sting. Thing is he's been a bee keeper for 2 years and the first time he gets stung he finds out he's allergic!!

The ups are I finished my first felt project, took a 6 mile walk along the Speyside Way, had a quick drink in the pub and made a batch of carrot cake muffins ready for lunch boxes tomorrow.
Here's my first pink elephant!! Made using the instructions in the Stitched Toys book I got from the library last week. Isn't she cute? She is already spoken for so I best get on and make some more.
Today's walk was the turn of the Speyside Way which took us from Fochabers to Spey Bay. All 6 miles of it. We did cheat a bit and take the car to Spey Bay first so that when we got there we didn't have to walk the 6 miles back!!

This sign post is right on the edge of the river where the car park used to be before the floods the other week. You can't even tell where the car park should have been!!

A few months ago Samuel and John cycled this route. It is not supposed to look like this. It used to be a path of grass and a few stones, all of which was washed away and all that is left behind now is a pile of huge pebbles. Mossy hated walking on them!! Bless.
This tree never used to be there either. We have not idea where it started life but it is now on the side of the Spey along with wheelie bins, shoes and bits of metal.
It's hard to believe, when you look at the river today, just what it must have been like to carry all those trees etc down river. It was so tranquil today.
When we got back we popped into the pub for a quick drink and to find out the football score (well John did I couldn't care less if football was banned tomorrow!!) and then home to make some carrot cake muffins. It's just a normal cake mixture but put into muffin cases instead of cake tins. I don't feel such a pig then if I have one (otherwise it would have been a huge slice!!)
I wonder if anyone will eat them? If not it means all the more for me :)


  1. Beautiful pics of the river and the muffins look delish.
    My best prayers to your two friends for a full and rapid recovery.

    I love the elephant, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great ellie! Fingers crossed for full recoveries.

  3. A full weekend. Hope there is better news of the friends who are poorly.