BFB - Big Family Blanket

Here's a picture of BFB taken before the holidays. I am just loving the colours and believe it or not they go really well with my lime green bedroom!!

I've since added another row and I'm on my way down the next one. Only 50 something squares to go!!!! before I start the rounds. What have I let myself in for?

Sib if you're wondering what Santa might like to bring me........................a few more balls of wool would be nice. Harry would of course get to snuggle BFB when he comes to visit :)


  1. Tell Santa to get what you need and send me the bill. Mind you, you already have a present from the London branch of the family ...

  2. my hexagon one has me feeling what have i let myself in for too and I'm still doing another big blue one which has been going on all year!!!!

  3. Good morning. I love your blanket to be already. LOvely colours. Many , many years ago I crcheted one for my son in red and black and white. I only threw it out a few years ago because I thought it was ouf of fashion and now everybody as crocheting granny squares again. It shows me never to throw out things again but then my house will be too small if I keep it all, but of course I can always make one again.
    Don't think so.
    Have a nice day.


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