A bright day for Fochabers

It was a very good day for Fochabers today as we heard that long awaited bypass should be started in the next few weeks. It's a campaign that's been going on since 1991!! better late than never. It will take 2 1/2 years to complete the whole 5km but it will be so much quieter outside my house when it's done :)
It rained most of the day again today and as I was feeling sorry for myself after a visit to the dentist ( I won't go into detail but I needed 2 injections and I was clinging to the ceiling at one point) I thought I'd get to grips with a few more birds. The dog and I had the house to ourselves so after making a risotto for tea (not on solids for a few days!!) I sat and crocheted.
And here are the results of today's efforts. They are hanging in my kitchen and if John has noticed he has very tactfully said nothing!
He wanted to know why we had his Grandmas cushions on the settee last week but then proceeded to steal them all to lie down on. You've met the type.
Right that's me away to crochet a few more birds and watch a little TV. I might go for a read later as I've finally started The Boy in the Striped PJs. So far he's got to OutWith.....................


  1. Great news for the village. Sorry to hear you've been to the dentist again. x

  2. Ooh I love the birds! You are so talented! Sorry about your dentist ordeal. Not fun. Hope your weekend gets better.

  3. Hope that you are feeling much better? Love the birdies! The new road will make such a difference to the village ~ you wont see any more lorries 'stealing' Scotland's trees!


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