A dreich day

It has been one of those days today when it's done nothing but rain. So as I didn't need anything from town I decided to get to grips with the kitchen!! It's one of those jobs that you put off and put off until it's no good................ it needs a good blitz. Several hours and lots of cups of tea later it's done. It probably won't get another good going over till the Christmas holidays as I don't like to waste my weekends de-greasing the work tops :)

Somehow I didn't think you would want to see photos of my kitchen so I'm showing you the little mini book I made yesterday for my "Learn Something New Everyday" class by Shimelle I'm doing in December. She did hers in September but I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and join mine with the "Journal Your Christmas" class she runs too.

The pages are blank at the moment but I've got gorgeous Penny Lane - Tiny Dancer papers to cover them with when the time comes.


  1. That's very sweet. Mine is also made but not bound, all my pages are from my scraps box and a multitude of colours!

  2. waht a fab idea to combine the two i met have a play myself:)


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