Girls night out

I know......another night out. That's 3 in two weeks!! Whatever next?
We've had 4 birthdays at work in the last fortnight so we thought we'd have a night out.

Tonight we're off for a pizza and then to the pictures to watch Julie and Julia. So far I've only heard good reviews. I do like Meryl Streep. She's one of those actresses that can play just about any role thrown at her.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Well it was a great night. The pizza was lovely and it's good to get out and have a chat with the girls. The film was definitely a "Chic Flick" (I can't imagine John wanting to go and see it) and I'm glad we decided to see that and not Fame!! So funny in places. Meryl Streep was brilliant. I don't know what Julia Childs was like in real life but if Meryl Streep got it right Julia was one strange cookie!!!! She was very tall, a bit on the wacky side and had the strangest mannerisms for a woman in the 1940s. All together brilliant. Made me want to make Beouf Bourginon this weekend!!

Bon Appetite!!


  1. I need to see this movie, I love Meryl Streep, cooking, food, and Julia Child. I look forward to hearing about your girls night out.

  2. It's brilliant, you'll laugh out loud!

  3. Girls night out is just the best isn't it? I loved the movie as well and I saw it with girlfriends as well! It was great. At times, I forgot that it was Meryl Streep acting! She had Julia Childs perfected to a T! Have a wonderful day and weekend!


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