It's still raining

I'm getting so fed up with the rain. Not because I get wet but because somewhere, either under my floorboards or under the pavement outside the front door the water is coming into my hall and making my wall damp.
I phoned the "Roads People" 2 months ago and they were going to get back to me within 7 days. That never happened so I've been on the phone to them everyday since and still no joy. All I'm asking is for someone to check their pipes to make sure they're not leaking under my house. That way I can get to the bottom of what is causing the damp. Not too much to ask really is it?

So far I have been very calm but I'm just about at the end of my tether. I have formally complained over the phone and will now have to put it in writing to try and get some lazy arse off his/her backside and to pick up the phone and call me!!

Can't you tell it's PMT week?

OK rant over :)


  1. Your BIL is very good at letters of complaint!

  2. Ugh!! I'd be ranting, too. Hope you get some results soon!!

  3. Thats Moray Council for you!! Hope you get it sorted.


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