Kayaking chills

It was the last of the kayaking sessions on the river Spey today and they couldn't have had a windier, chillier day!! I very sensibly stayed in the car and read my 'Guernsey Pie' book while Samuel went off to practice his paddling skills. As you can see by his face he was happy to have finished. His hands and feet were freezing by the time he finished so I promised to get his some proper shoes and gloves for the next session.
The river looked lovely again ............
but had that real chilly look about it.
Jim who runs the sessions is hoping to do one last river run in November. This time it would be on the river Findhorn which is a little more sheltered. He thinks that they are all advanced enough to tackle it so it should be a good end to this years lessons. I might have to get the gloves and shoes by then!!!!!!


  1. Don't forget the dry suit, BRRR!!!
    I froze in the Klamath this summer, so I'd have to suit up also. Great pictures and bring the family out and we'll run some Western Rivers together. The Kern is supposed to be amazing.

  2. It looks very cold too. But, I have to say, it also looks like fun and is beautiful, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  3. It looks like tremendous fun. Your photos are wonderful. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  4. What great fun this looks to be. Beautiful pictures. Happy Pinks..have a most wonderful week.

  5. Do hope you get him the extra kit - he doesn't exactly have a lot of surplus meat on him to help keep him warm, does he?!

  6. Great pictures and bring ...looks like so much fun


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