5 October 2009

Lavender Mice

I know it's only the beginning of October but I'm already starting on my Christmas gifts. I normally make something for the girls at work and this year is no exception. Last year I did scrapbooky name plates so this year, as I haven't done a lot of scrapping, I thought I'd sew something. They got knitted egg cosies at Easter.
I copied the instructions out of a library book, made some felt mice and scented them with lavender so they can go in a drawer somewhere if they don't want them out on display. They smell lovely on my mantelpiece at the moment.

Four down two to go. Mind you after that I've got an order to make some more but I'm not sure how many. I get paid for those so I best finish my last two and get started.
To answer Riet's questions....they are 3" long by 2" high and are all hand stitched. Even the tails :)


  1. These are so gorgeous. Did you make them all by hand? HOw big are they? I love handmade thingies.
    Have a nice evening

  2. I'm sure they will all go to good homes! They are delightful.

  3. they are so lush Liz lucky girls:)

  4. Liz, they are absolutely adorable! I wouldn't mind having those mice in my drawers! You can never start too early on Christmas! Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Hugs and glitter,

  5. Oh, Liz, these are just darling! I'd have a problem sticking it away in a drawer though, he'd have to sit out where I could see him!

    Thanks for sharing these cute little critters!