20 October 2009

A little more of the village

As promised last week here are a few more pictures of Fochabers. It's classed as a large village as it's nowhere near as big as the two towns either side but more than just a few houses.

:: This is the Gordon Castle home of the Gordon family and is a stones throw from our house. I keep wondering if I should ask them for a job as I'd be at work in 5 minutes!! This section isn't the house but a barn and the tower you can see isn't lived in either. At this moment in time I can't find my pictures of the house so they will have to wait till later.
:: On the estate there is a pond which is open to the public so long as they keep it tidy :) Here's a wintery shot from last November when we had quite a big snowfall. (for us anyway)

:: Beside the pond is a row of houses that the Gordon family rent out as holiday homes. This picture is the back of those houses where there is a huge walled garden with fruit trees all around the walls. Unfortunately most of the fruit goes to waste. I'm sure I could make a pie or two out of all those apples!!

:: Another shot of the pond, this time in summer when the yellow iris are just coming into bloom.
:: And finally for today I couldn't go without showing you the river Spey that runs beside the village. This picture is just typical Scottish summer weather as it was taken back in August!!

Well I hope you've enjoyed another trip around my home village. Next time I'll show you some of the surrounding area.