7 October 2009

Make do and mend

It was the birthday today of one of my friends at work. She didn't want any fuss and tried to hide her cards so no-one would see them as they came in the office. She didn't try to hide from a carrot cake muffin though!! I didn't have any candles so made a little flag out of a cocktail stick (which I found in the kitchen drawer at work) with a post it note stapled to it. Photo is a bit naff as it was a mobile phone one taken very quickly so she wouldn't notice!!

We didn't really know what to buy her so we settled for a voucher from Next. Unfortunately the vouchers are now cards and don't come in an envelope. Not a problem. I had a spare envelope at home and with the help of my trusty Big Shot I made some flowers to go on the front to make it a little more special and not so plain looking.
It's nice to know that even things that are handmade or just thrown together can still make people smile.

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  1. That is so nice of you. I am sure she liked what you did for her.