My very own Masterchef

Anyone who knows my son will know that he is the fussiest eater in the world. When he was little he would clamp his mouth shut so that you couldn't get the spoon anywhere near his mouth. Now he shies away from food and is reluctant to try anything new.
How is it then, that when Masterchef is on the TV he turns into Gordon Ramsay (without the bad language) and will try new things?
This weekend he got out my Favourite cook book, "What's Cooking Chocolate" and decided he was going to make Chocolate Shortcake Towers.

:: Stage 1 - with Dads help - make a raspberry coulis and put it on a plate
:: Stage 2 - add one shortbread round

:: Stage 3 - add raspberries and cream mixed with white chocolate!!

:: Stage 4 - add another shortbread round and fruit layer

:: Stage 5 - add the last round of shortbread and dust with icing sugar. Add a little cream heart to coulis for decoration

:: Stage 6 - give to Mum who will try it to make sure it's OK for you to eat!!!!!!!
Oh wow. It was "Delicious" and so so yummy. The whole thing was to die for and not diet friendly at all.
Funny how Samuel managed to eat his (minus the raspberries which I have to say are an acquired taste) and then ask if there was any more going!!!


  1. They look delish! This current series of Professional Masterchef is very good, isn't it?

  2. Oh my goodness, your son is gorgeous. Fancy him making those goodies. They make my mouth water. LOL

  3. Looks good enough to win the 'High Tea' section of the competition.
    On my next visit I hope to be able to sample some of the young master chef's work.


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