Oh to stay at home

I can't believe that in 3 days time I've got to go back to work. I have loved being at home this past fortnight. My house is tidy (and one room is decorated), my ironing is up to date and I've done loads of crafty things. I have to say though it has been a bit strange now I'm not "Needed" by Samuel during the holidays. He's out with his pals most days or they are round here and I don't really see him (until feeding time). Gone are the days of going out on trips. Now I have trouble getting him to walk the dog with me!! Ah well such is life.

My day today today has been crafty again. This time I've painted and recovered an old tin and crocheted a bird.

:: Take one old sweetie tin from last Christmas (minus the contents which are LONG gone) and get your son to paint it. No painted picture available as I didn't take one!!!
:: Find some yummy patterned papers - October Afternoon Farm Fresh and Doubletake Sweet Shoppe - and cover the bits not painted. Stick down with some really good glue so it won't come off when you sneak into the tin when no-one is looking :) Add a title if you feel so inclined.

Mine has yummy cakes in already as I had to make fairy cakes today as it would have been rude not too!!
The bird I have to say straight away is not my creation but that of the extremely talented Lucy over at Attic 24. She designs and makes the most wonderful things. You should go and take a look at her colourful world. It certainly lifts a very grey day.
This little rainbow fella is about to wing (no pun intended) his way to my Auntie in the Lake District as she's not feeling too chipper at the moment. I hope she likes it.


  1. The tin looks good enough to eat ~ tee, hee!
    I'm sure that the little birdie will be a lovely surprise ~ and you might get a phone call to thank you!

  2. The tin looks great and AS will love that birdie! x

  3. Beautiful work, Liz! I have to find some quiet time to craft, the Holidays are almost here and I need to get your little treat out in the post soon.


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