17 October 2009

Pink Saturday

Hello again. It's that day of the week when we Pinkies get together and share the Pinkness. Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting.

You might like to have a look at Suzie Button Creations this week as she has some lovely Halloween things to look at.
My pictures this week are of our local pond on the nearby estate. In the summer it is full of gorgeous Rhododendrons.
I love this reflection shot.
A wee close up....
And some gorgeous blooms I found lurking behind some bushes.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Have a great weekend.


  1. stunning photos liz love the reflections remind me of a monet painting

  2. Oh wow beautiful pink plants. They are all gorgeous.
    Happy pink saturday

  3. Stunning photos from a stunning spot.

  4. Doesn't all that beauty just brighten the day?

  5. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely views!

  6. It's nice to see Scotland's beautiful blooms. Have a Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. Gorgeous scene! love it.
    Thank you for sharing Liz.
    Happy PS. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. What a glorious photograph. Between that photograph and your background, I think Claude Monet would very much approve. Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Oh Liz!
    Those reflection shots of the rhododendrons are just magnificent. I do believe I could sit all day long soaking in that view AND I am a hyper person! With your permission, I would love to copy and use those photos in my personal journal only.

    Happy PS,

  10. Hello Liz, I enjoyed your photos so much. Beautiful with the water below.

    I scrolled down and visited some previous posts. Lovely pillow and heart swag. The paint looks great and your fireplace stunning. Nice work. Your son is a real trouper helping you paint. A twelve year old that makes tea. So nice.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  11. That is just amazing! Beautiful! happy pinks!...xo Tami

  12. So charming. I love it.
    Happy pink Saturday and nice weekend !
    Love Rini the Netherlands

  13. Your photos are beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  14. Oh my gosh, those are so pretty, I could look at them all day long, pretty soon they will fade, but don't despare, they will return next year, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  15. Thank you for that reminder of Spring. Seems a long way off

  16. As usual, I am not disappointed with all of the pink goodies I get to see on Pink Saturday. With fall in the air and the days getting shorter, Pink Saturday is going to be more important than ever to bring a little sunshine into my home.

    Your post this week was extra special!

    Wishing you a weekend filled with good food, good company and much l♥ve.

  17. Hi Liz

    happy Pink Saturday! Your photos are fabulous and those rhododendrons are so large!

    Re: To answer your question, all Brownstone houses are usually expensive, especially if they are located in good neighborhoods. Very often they are historic and would be almost be impossible to build these days. I wish I owned one too!

  18. How lovely! Happy Pink Saturday to you...

  19. Hi there! Thanks for linking to me, and unfortunately I had skipped Pink Saturday due to a conference, but I really appreciate your link!
    I love your pinks, the way the water reflects the gorgeous flowers! I also see your pillow you made, it was fantastic! I hope you had a wonderful PS! Suzie

  20. I love the reflection, too. Great shot.

    Congratulations on that pillow. You did a fabulous job. I'm really really impressed. I like that you used old fabric from clothes. I have saved several in hopes that I will sew in January.

    I'm still, on Sunday, visiting PS posts and wishing you a wonderful week.

  21. Hi there, I'm just now making my rounds. I LOVE the flowers mirrored in the water! Please come visit my blog-I'm doing a giveaway through Friday, 10/24. Hugs, Leslie

  22. What a gorgeous photo of the pond reflection. Really enjoyed the tour of the estate. Must be wonderful to live near such a beautiful place. Hope your day is an excellent one. :) Nancy