A spot of decorating

Samuel and I had a go at decorating the living room this week. It was a yellow colour and I wanted to brighten it up a bit so decided to change it to magnolia. We only have a small window at the front of the house so I needed to choose something pale so it would let more light in. I also thought that if it had neutral walls I could add any colour I wanted to the ornaments, cushions etc.
Samuel did a great job and really got to grips with the roller and paint brush. I thought he would get bored quite quickly but he stuck it out all day even if he did end up making cups of tea while I finished it off.

Here's my newly painted fireplace with some new hearts I made and my Cesar Manrique print in the background. I've only had it since last July and have only just realised I could buy a ready made frame at a fraction of the price of getting it framed professionally.

This is me standing by the original at Cesar Manriques house in Lanzarote last year. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I have no idea what it's supposed to be but I really don't care as I just love the red.


  1. Looks as though the pair of you have done a good job.

  2. Well done to the decorating duo!


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