Christmas is coming!

Whether we like it or not the big C is coming!! and before John set off on his travels he got some of the decorations down form the attic. I got as far as taking the lid off the box before telling myself it's too early to be thinking about decorating. Samuel loves to help with the tree and in the past I've let him decorate it all by himself.....................................only to re-arrange it once he'd gone to bed!! (bad mother). This year we've decided to put the tree up on the 6th as that's the day John's due home.

On a different note I took Samuel and his pal Big D to Starbucks on Saturday. Samuel and I pop in a couple of times a year so I was surprised to find that Big D had never been before. I automatically took it for granted that as we now have a shop in Elgin , he would have been in.
Samuel bought them both a hot chocolate as believe it or not he still had money left on a Starbucks card he got for Easter from his Auntie Ruth. Not being a big coffee drinker and because normally I think everything is over priced.......... I tried the Gingerbread Latte :) It was delicious and they should serve it all year round. I had to sneak back in today to get one to take away at lunchtime. Just because, you understand, it's a whole 12 months till they come back again :) Oh no I think I might need a second mortgage to keep me in GBLs :)


  1. Hello Sweet Girl...
    Gingerbread Latte. I have never tried it but I am going to check it out. There is a Starbucks on my way home, and on my way in. I may just check it out in the morning on my way in.

    Hope you day is going well. Now listen you, do I need to come out there to get you decorating? Come on, you know once you get started it will just get you into the mood. I procrastanated a while myself, and once I got going there was not stopping. I have run out of things to decorate until I get into the attic this weekend, and I have to go and buy the BIG tree. I always decorate that one last. My artificial ones are up, but I may get a real one for the family room. Tony wants one so bad, I just hate the mess of it all. He almost has me convinced.

    As I was sitting there sewing last night, I am working on snowmen, I was thinking about you working on your hearts. I can't wait to post this snowman when I am finished so that you all can see how cute he really is. I bought an old chenille bedspread that was torn. Washed it. Tea stained it. Cut it up into pieces and am making all sorts of things out of it. Right now snowmen. I just love them.

    If we lived close, we would be doing crafts every single weekend. I so enjoy visiting with you.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. I will talk to you soon.

    Country hugs...Shery

  2. Not too sure about gingerbread lattes... could be doing with a starbucks or costa in Inverurie me thinks...mmm maybe I could open one...not...too many coffee shops already!!!....x

  3. Hi Liz, found you via Ruth.Can't wait to see your snowmen x


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