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It was just a short walk today for Moss as after all the running about he did yesterday he was a little bit stiff. It was the first shoot of the season for Innes Estate so Moss (and the boys) were a bit out of practice!! It was very peaceful in my house last night as they all fell asleep early :)

Anyway we took a walk down the lane and around the pond and who should we meet but this little fella. It was just typical that I still have to use the old Fuji as this would have been a much better shot. Still it's lovely to see red squirrels not far from our house. They're quite timid and not at all like their London cousins, the common grey variety :)

We also Mr & Mrs Swan back on the nest, although it looks a bit water logged at the minute. It's normally a lot higher out of the water than it is just now. With any luck they'll get it sorted in time for the spring when we hope they'll use it for the 3rd time. This year we started with 7 babies and ended with 7. I like to keep a count of my babies as the foxes are very partial to them, given a chance.
And finally the view of the pond. It's looking very bare and sad at the minute..................

a big change from earlier this year!!


  1. Lucky you to see a red squirrel in the wild!

  2. The pond still has character even when it's a bit bare. The colours in the summer are fab though. What is the purple colour?

  3. Wow! Doesn't even look like teh same pond! Sure is pretty, though!

  4. Oh, how lovely. I love the red squirrels. We have the grey ones here. And those swans are magnificent. I used to live near a bird sanctuary that had numerous pairs of swans. The thing I love best about them is that they mate for life. That shot of yours is gorgeous, and I also think your pond is beautiful, with or without the flowers.

  5. Oh Liz. The swans are so beautiful,we dont have any here in MB Can. when I was in the UK I saw alot...they really are big!
    Your back yard with pond is lovely even in the fall saeson.The flowers that hang over the pond in summer...is that wistira???
    PS: I'd like to stay in touch, so I am following you...hope you stop by and visit me soon...
    Blessings Gracie


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