Dig deep for Children in Need

Yes it's that time of year already. The time when you count your blessing for healthy children. I find that watching the films of the children who are helped by this fantastic charity just makes me feel so humble. There are children out there who just want a childhood but for whatever reason don't have a chance of getting one. It makes you really appreciate what you have.
So dig deep and DONATE. you don't even have to leave the house!! Text DONATE to 70077 and it's done. £5.00 ($10.00 approx) will be winging it's way to Children in Need.


  1. a really good cause!
    thanks for my award Liz, you were one of the first people I 'met' through blogging, i think its lovely that we still read each others blogs, I must admit ive found it really hard to make time to blog just recently but now its colder and we're in more Im hoping to get back in the swing! I've discovered raverly and also i typed free crochet patterns into google and loads came up, it's such fun searching through and getting ideas! have a nice weekend, fliss xx

  2. Hey, Liz! Just thought I'd let you know that I featured your blog this week for Pink Saturday. :-)

    And this is a very worthy cause...


    Sheila :-)


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