13 November 2009


I had never heard of the term "Frogging" until recently when I read Lucy's blog at Attic 24. When she explained that it meant undoing your crochet it still made no sense. Then she told me that it's called "Frogging" because you Rip It!! Get it? "Rib it, Rib it".....it all make sense now!!
Anyway I decided to "Frog" BFB the other day as something didn't look right with it. I wasn't sure what but it was definitely something.
I've since made squares from 4 small grannies, edged in my favourite lime green. 12 down 13 to go!!
I'm also trying out blocking for the first time in an attempt to keep the squares, square!! I need to wait until this time tomorrow to see if it's worked and if it has I can do the other six.

I can't wait for this blanket to be finished so I can huddle under it once the heating has gone off at night!!


  1. It looks great and the colour is very you, but all the technical stuff is Greek to me!

  2. Wow.. I used to crochet like that... can't remember the last time I did tho... I remember my auntie teaching me when I was young(er).. she is 84 now and still crochets....x

  3. I too am a crocheter and I love your work. Your afghan is going to be
    beautiful. I love the colors you're using.. The afghans I make have mostly been the ripple pattern, but I love the granny as well. Thank you for showing it and sharing with us.

  4. A p.s. I have become a follower of your pretty blog, so I can see what you crochet next. Have a great day..

  5. My grandmother made a "granny afgan" ...that I now own..and when I was young....after I came home from school (my grandparents lived with us) ...I was the one who had to place them all on the floor in front of her ( as she was disabled) and she would tell me which one to~move~where...they were all different patterns I think..with black edges.
    So that they next day, she would then put them together in that order. ~
    FUNNY how we remember stuff like that.