Good news

A bit of good news at last. Bear Scotland, the roads people, have told me that my pavement should be dug up in the next week and the pipework changed!!! Yey all my nagging has paid off. Hopefully this will mean no more damp in my hall and a new floor and wall to be decorated. We will wait and see as they have said they'll do things before and nothing gets done. I might be back ranting if they don't get a move on.

On a more colorful note I got on with a few more crochet projects last night. I've a throw to make and a few more birds. So much to do, so little time :)


  1. Nice colours for the crochet afghan. LIke that.

  2. looking good have I missed a picture of the birds:)

  3. That is good news. Don't forget to scrap!

  4. Good Morning Liz!
    I so love this project that you are working on. The colors are so bright and beautiful. It is just stunning. You do really nice work. I have two left hands I have been told, and have never mastered crocheting.

    What is the weather like there today? We are expecting another sunny day here in Phoenix. Yesterday it was another 90 degree + day. Doesn't look like it is going to cool off anytime soon.

    I would so love for you to email me your address. I would love to send something to you.

    Talk to you soon. Thanks again for sharing your Tuesday morning with me. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  5. Are there any bird pictures? They sound lovely.


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