A lovely thought

Last month my sister asked if I could make a couple of crochet flowers for her friend's daughter Bea. Only stipulation, could they be "Girlie". Bea had been given a cardigan/jacket that had some kind of logo on the front and Rachel wanted to hide it. Well who was I to say no? A few scraps of girlie coloured wool and a crochet hook later and I had two flowers made. Off they went to my sister who passed them onto Bea (who is 3).
Imagine my delight today when I got home to find a message on the answer machine from Rachel, thanking me for the flowers and saying how wonderful they were and how perfect for hiding the logo and apologising for not sending a thank you note sooner. It made my day that Rachel would take the time to phone. I know she is very busy with two young children and she would have said thank you next time I saw her.

Isn't it great when you get a message like that out of the blue?


  1. I had to give her your number a second time, because she misplaced the first one! Glad she got in touch.


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