27 November 2009

Mobile pictures

Isn't it typical that the day that John goes away for 10 days Jessops phone to say that my camera is ready to be collected in Aberdeen!! Well I'm not driving 120 mile round trip to get it so I'll make do with my mobile for the time being.
This is a shot I took at work yesterday lunchtime as the sun was coming through the trees. Not too bad for a quick point and shoot.

More pictures tomorrow I think while walking the dog.


  1. Oh Liz...
    Good Morning Sweetie. What a magnificent picture you have captured here. It is so beautiful, with the sun reflecting. Your camera did very well. I love it.

    Now where is John off to for 10 days did you say? That is a long time for you. Yea no cooking, no schedule just taking care of the little Mr. Boy could I get a lot of crafts done with that much time on my hands.

    Are you going by the castle tomorrow? That has to be the most magical place. I am at awe with this beautiful secret place. Can you imagine the wonderful tales that could be told if the walls could talk?

    I am hoping to get all my packages mailed before the weeks end. I will be emailing you and letting you know when I mail it, so you will have an idea of maybe when to expect it. Padded envelope it will be. A special package for a very special lady in my life. Thank you for enlightening me to a "JBP". It is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  2. Isn't that just what always happens. Nice photo.

  3. That is a lovely picture. This camera works great too.