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Back in August, after seeing the Edinburgh Tattoo I decided to enter their photography competition. The picture I chose was the Top Secret Drum Corp from Switzerland as they were the best thing on the night. Unfortunately my picture wasn't selected as a finalist, but never mind there's always next year...or the one after that.....or the one after that :)


  1. It's a terrific photo and you'll only get better with practice!

  2. Who are those judges, anyway? Just kidding! It's an awesome photo!

  3. Hi Liz...
    Girl it wasn't selected because they don't know what they are looking for. What a great picture. I love it. You get a first place ribbon sweetie. Way to go.

    You'll get them next year. I love your photography. You take so many wonderful pictures. I have a good eye for graphics, and you have what it takes.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. Country hugs and love...Sherry

  4. Aaaw... that's a shame Liz... It's such a brilliant photo...Keep up the good work with your photos... they are brilliant...x

  5. Liz, I think it's a wonderful picture. It's truly amazing.


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