Pink Saturday

I don't really have any new pinks this week so I thought I'd practice my mosaic skills and do a quick montage of previous weeks. These are just some of the flowers you can see at Kew Gardens in London.
Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting again this week.
Have a look this week at Maia's Colour magic - Photography she has some beautiful flower shots and if you look through the categories on the right there are all sorts of wonders there to look at.
Hope you're all having a Happy Pink Saturday :)


  1. Happy Pink Saturday Liz..
    It is almost 2am here in Phoenix. I have been unable to sleep tonight. Sometimes my neuropathy is bad and I don't get much sleep at night.

    I love this mosiac that you have shared with me this morning. It is so beautiful, but then all of your pictures are. You do a superb job when photographing.

    I need to know what is your favorite color? Is it red? Are you a red person? Pink? I am working on the finishing touches to your gift and the color is important. Let me know ASAP, because I want to try to get my packages in the mail by Tuesday at the latest. I have several to take.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. I will be thinking of you walking past my beautiful castle.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Country hugs and much love sweetie...Sherry

  2. I like your mosaic but I've visited the original photos too. Your flowers are gorgeous and your sewing too.
    Thanks for your visit at my blog and I highly appreciate the link.
    I shall do the same in a future post.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. look of you blog very festive, great pinks mine is actually a pink garland that hangs in annie's room.

  4. Lovely Pinks! Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Happy Pink Saturday. Love the new christmas themed blog template.

  6. I think those pinks are very lovely!

    Happy PS, Liz!

  7. Love your flowers!!! It is fun to still see them in the winter!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa
    ps If I visited 2xs I really enjoyed it both!! hehe

  8. Great minds think alike. I did the same thing this week. I have to say that I loved your mosiac, it took me back to all the lovely posts of past, beautiful blooms for sure, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  9. I love the collage you made for us today. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  10. The mosiac makes all those great shots even better.

  11. I took my dogs just this morning to the squirrel park, as my husband and I call it and we let them run through the leaves, water and have lots of fun! Love your flowers! Happy PS! Suzie

  12. Liz, thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving your kind comments! I love that you think I've decorated vintage English! I'm on the right track! LOL!

    Your mosaic is wonderful! That's something that I still have to wrap my head around. LOL! I hope to make it to Kew next year when we visit England. We didn't make it last time, so it's definitely on the list!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!


  13. Beautiful..still making my Happy Pink Saturday rounds!

  14. Happy PiNk Liz!

    Flowers are always a good thing for PiNk Saturday. :0) I love the picture in the other post of the holly berries.

    Thanks so much for visiting me..I'm always glad to read your sweet comments. :0)

    Scatter Bliss,


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