A quiet night in

Last night was a quiet night in our house. John was in France and Samuel was in bed at gone 9pm after one of his sporty nights (he's also got a new book to read so that was calling) so it was just me and the dog.
Spooks was on TV but I've had to record that so John and I can watch it when he gets home. I did the only thing possible and crocheted a poppy!! Well there was nothing else to do was there? Turned out quite well if I do say so myself!!
This is also useful for the HSMSHS prompt for Monday which was Emblem.


  1. That's very clever, did you make up the pattern yourself?

  2. Yes made it up while watching NCIS LA!!

  3. Oh, how lovely! What a nice idea and it's a reminder that 'Rembrance Day' is coming up.

    Thanks for sharing, Liz!


  4. It's beautiful, very touching!
    They film NCIS near my house, Mark Harmon uses an Airstream trailer for his dressing room, he's supposed to be a great guy according to one of the crew who is a neighbor.
    I hope you enjoyed the show, I've yet to see the LA NCIS.


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