Sunday afternoon walk

My photo of the day is this from Brodie Castle. I love the way the Autumn colours make the lane look like a rainbow. A big change from the last time we were here when it was all covered in a deep layer of frost.
I've been coming to Brodie for the past 20 years and never get fed up of it. The castle isn't open at this time of year but the grounds are and apart from a family with very young kiddies and an older couple with a dog we didn't see anyone.

After nearly freezing our butts off last December we went prepared with hats, scarves and gloves and boy did we need them. The pond already has a thin layer if ice on it and it was very cold in the shade. I tried to walk back in the sun, what little there was of it.
Here's two of my boys making the last of the "nice" weather. Poor Moss is losing his hair again and will be bald if the vet can't sort him out soon.
And here's my other Loon with a huge piece of ice he got from a puddle. It's too early for ice. I'm not ready for it yet :) Can't we keep Autumn for another few months?


  1. That's a very cool shot (pun intended) of DN with the ice!

  2. Oh Liz!
    I wish so that I could send you some Arizona sun. We are still have 90 degree weather here. It is a beautiful morning.

    Now on the flip side I have no castle to walk to and admire, and wonder what those walls could tell us if they could talk. I don't see the beautiful fall trees that you have, and sweetie, I don't even own a coat, hat or mittens. I have not needed any for the last 25 years. But the Summers are so bad here. You don't want to do much. I can probably count on 1 hand the times I actually got into the pool this past Summer. It was just to hot to go outside and even swim.

    Thank you for taking me on this beautiful stroll today. I so loved it. The air felt crisp and it looked clear. So beautiful.

    Stop by and say hi. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. crikey can't believe it is that cold alrwady fro you. hope moss gets sorted. love the first pic stunning

  4. Beautiful pictures and what a lovely son you have.

  5. Just found your the photo's - absolutely beautiful!

  6. Wonderful pictures of this captivating castle. Ice already? Brrr.


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