Todays ups and downs

Today started with this perfect pink sky and ended with.........................................
one sad looking puppy :( Apparently after all this time it looks like some kind of food allergy that is the cause of all his woes, so a change of food is called for followed by tablets and shampoo to get Mossy's coat back into condition. One of the tablets he has to take can knock him for six hence the sad, hangdog expression.
Oh and the other horrendous news is that I haven't got my Nikon back yet and John is taking the Fuji to New York!!! NO CAMERA for 10 days. I'm beside myself.......what will I do?


  1. Oh poor doggy - hope he is better soon... Our doggie is just old and that is root of all his woes.. he will be 14 at the end of the year.. he has cataracts and some sort of problem with not being able to hold it in til he gets outside...It has definitely made me realise I don't want another

  2. Poor Mossy, his Southern cousin sends him a big lick and a virtual 'bone'; the humans send lots of fusses for his ears.

  3. I hope poor Mossy feels better soon. No camera!!!! The Horror!!!

  4. Poor doggy.

    And I'd go CRAZY without a camera. Guess you'll be using the one on your mobile?

  5. Oh poor Moss he does look really dejected. Hope he's on the mend soon. No camera now that could be a problem ekk!


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