A wet walk

A dog is an "All weather pet" and as such I had the job of walking Moss today as there was no danger of Samuel doing it!! So armed with my umbrella I set off to squelch my way around the pond.
It wasn't as bad as thought it was going to be and at one point it did actually stop raining. If only for a few minutes.
My phone camera is turning out to be quite handy as it's easier to take pictures while holding a "brolly" than it is with a big SLR. moss and I were the only two out walking today and it was nice to have the peace and quiet to ourselves.
It must mean that Christmas is not that far away as the Holly berries are out in force. Not long now..........................


  1. Im like you -- I love the phone cameras these days. i think i am going to buy the new one coming out in march i believe! So much easier to steal a shot than to whip out my big ol SLR :)

    I have just signed up to FOLLOW you and would love if you have a minute stop by and say hi and perhaps Follow me too :)

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  2. I got wet walking the dog as well! Only it was dark and I didn't have a brolly! That's a great shot with the brolly in view.

  3. Funnily enough we just got home from a wet walk too.

    Love your photos :) Great quality for a phone....Think I need a new phone - my camera has stopped functioning - gasp! Could have something to do with Missy X dunking it in my coffee :( Least the phone still works!

  4. It certainly is good to have a pet to have to go walk with it. I don't have a phonecamera yet but I still have my little digital I can put in my bag when I don't want to take the "big"camera.
    Have a good Sunday

  5. fantastic photos Liz love the first one with the bit of the brolly:)


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