Fill-in Friday

1. You get to eat all the chocolate when hubby is away.
2. Turn left then right to the choclate factory.
3. It's chocolate time.
4. No chocolate? That's ridiculous!
5. I feel more chocolate coming on.
6. Goodnight sweet chocolate...goodnight!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to chocolate , tomorrow my plans include more chocolate and Sunday, I want to never see chocolate again!

Anyone see a pattern here?


  1. Do let me know when you make youself sick!

  2. LOL at the chocolate fest. Just have to hope DH doesn't bring it home as a pressie if your scunnered by then.

  3. I love your chocolate theme. It makes me want some.

  4. Absolutely love your "theme". :D

  5. Hi Sweetie...
    Is this a chocolate map? If so, I am following you, as I love chocolate too. I always wanted to be part of the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory. I thought it would be so fun to work there. Fall in the chocolate river. Drink all the chocolate I wanted.

    When will John be home? I bet you will be so happy to see him. It is no fun to have our DH on the road. Usually I am on the road, and my DH gets left behind.

    I will talk to you soon. Have you been by my castle lately or is it to cold to walk with the dog?

    Country hugs and much love sweetie...Sherry

  6. yumm roses we have a tin of quality street waiting for christmas have managed to resist so far:)


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