HSMSHS Catch up

I'm playing catch up on a few of this weeks HSMSHS prompts.
Monday - Tree, Tuesday - Sparkle, Wednesday - Bauble and Thursday - Holly
Just got Friday's to go.


  1. Hi Liz Sweetie...
    You're moving on up. Almost back in the saddle again. I have missed you this week. Was getting pretty worried. So glad you are feeling a little better, and will be finding yourself ready for the holidays.

    What is the weather like there today? Here it is a beautiful 75 degrees. Went out at lunch to pick up a few more little gifts. I am almost complete. Not to much more. Need: A set of king sheets, an over the toilet shelf unit and stocking stuffers. Not to bad left to go. I did some online to save time. So much easier. My feet aren't all that great so it is easier for me, on the walking.

    Have a beautiful day. If you get to have lunch close to the castle, don't forget your camera. I so love that beautiful place. I dream about it.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Very pretty catch-up!!


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