8 December 2009


Word for today Ice. This was Brodie Castle last December and is especially for Sherry in Phoenix as it's "Her castle" :0)

This was John trying out the macro on my new camera. I didn't mind as my hands were to cold to take out of my gloves!!
This is one of mine (before the cold hands). I love this picture with the sun just peeking through the trees.
It looked like it was snowing but it was just pure ice and frost.


  1. Those are all gorgeous!!!!

  2. Oh My Gosh...
    Liz sweetie, it's my castle.
    It is so magical, mystical, beautiful and serene. I so love it. I can just hear all the talk as we walk up that long drive way. Imagine the carriages that have passed on that road. The walls, hold so many stories of royalty that have walked the floors and danced and dined.

    I am afraid I would be walking there every day, looking and hoping for some little trinket to pop up. Some little favor that got left behind years ago. I so love it.

    These pictures show the castle at it's finest. How beautiful sweetie. I can't tell you what a treasure this was for me. Thank you sweetie, from the bottom of my heart. I just thank you so much.

    I am working on something special for you. Something from the area that I live in, so you can see what I have to share with you. Can't wait for it to come, so that I can get you little package mailed off.

    Thank you again Liz. Here are many hugs and kisses coming your way. Love, Sherry

  3. those pics are truly stunning they look like a fairy castle:)

  4. Oh, boy, it was soooooo cold that day!!

  5. Beautiful pictures,I can feel the cold ! - Still trying to work out what HSMSHS is !

  6. What gorgeous photos,, so beautiful..