Time is the word for today and I thought I'd share the clock face from the Liver buildings in Liverpool. The building is one of the Three Graces on the waterfront and has the only two Liver Birds in the world on the top.
One is female and looks over the river to see when the sailors are coming home and one is male and looks inland to see what time the pubs open...........or so legend has it. Whatever the story they were always a big part of my childhood.

The Three Graces - The Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building. The last one started life as the Anglican Cathedral but the plans changed and they built something else!!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the story, too!

  2. Oh I love those buildings, Beautiful

  3. You forgot to add that they are a World Heritage Site. The birds stayed it place throughout the whole of WW2, despite the savage bombing of the port ~ a Scouse 2 fingers to the Luftwaffe!! I love them!

  4. Oh Liz...
    I so love the architecture that you all have there. We really do not have anything that maginficent here in America. We have Lady Liberty and some of the DC Government buildings, but not like this.

    I imagine standing there looking up at the building it is quite overwhelming. I would be anyway.

    Ofcourse the female would always look for the love of her life (that's the way we are), and the male would look for the closest bar open (that's bread into them I believe.) They are such a beautiful color too.

    I love the face of the clock. So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing sweetie. I so love it when you do.

    Hope you are having a beautiful day today. I am curious, right now here in Phoenix it is 1:15pm in the afternoon on Thursday, so what time is it there?

    Talk to you soon. Much love, Sherry


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